Math Success


The series Mathematics success for Primary to middle classes lays emphasis on activities, which correlate school knowledge with child’s everyday experiences. This child-friendly series teaches mathematics in such an interesting and comprehensive manner that even an average child has no difficulty in grasping the fundamental concepts of mathematics.



Components of this Series are:

Mathematics Success Course Books, Books 1 to 8 for Primary and Middle Classes.

Salient Features of the Course Books are:

A graded and spiraling approach, keeping in mind the age and level of understanding of the child.

Eye-catching illustrations and child-friendly layout capture the imagination of the child and create an interest in the subject.

Each chapter begins with an exercise under the heading What We Have Learnt, which refreshes the concepts learnt in the previous class.

The fact box Remember highlights the important points.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), which can be used for Formative or Summative Assessment.

Value Based Questions to inculcate the moral values in the children.

HOTS questions to encourage logical thinking and develop problem solving skills.

Assignments under Mental Maths not only enhance the mathematical and calculation skills of the children but also cement the concepts learned.

Fun Time contains out of the way questions, which challenge the understanding capacity of the children.

Revision Exercise at the end of each chapter checks the retention capacity and the level of understanding of the children.

Maths Lab Activity at the end of each chapter helps the children to develop different strategies for solving problems.

Two Assignments for SA-I and SA-2.


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