World Guide

The Social Studies Series, World Guide, is a comprehensive series that will give students an opportunity to make sense of their immediate world and extended environments. This series comprises of books for students from Grades 1-8. The series is designed for learners to give them holistic perspectives and learning experiences.



There are many themes that have been included in this book, some of which are:

  • Living in communities and citizenship
  • Cultures
  • Physical Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Human Environment Relationship
  • History of the subcontinent and other regions
  • Economics and governments

With this series, we hope that learners will be able to make connections between different events and critically analyze how the world around them is shaped by the choices they make. We aspire for our students to learn about historical and geographical events without any bias, and make their own informed decisions without influences.

We expect to make our learners open-minded, tolerant, empathetic, patriotic and constructive citizens of Pakistan. We are thankful to everyone who has contributed to this series.






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