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Expressions English is evolutionary in nature — a multiskill package for the learner of English that is need-based and innovative.



This series affords a more holistic approach to language proficiency. Instead of traditional objectives of language teaching, it provides various situations where a number of skills in conjunction with a variety of other cognitive abilities are used together. Further the books are designed to hone the reading skills, vocabulary and spelling, grammar skills, speaking and writing skills in a playful manner. Inculcating a love for learning plays a vital role in making learning permanent. Thus, elements of fun have been woven into the entire fabric of the book. It is hoped that this will help create a positive attitude towards learning English in our learners, leading to motivated classrooms where self-learning is a by-product.

Salient features of this series:

  • The numerous activities in this book are age-appropriate and allow for differentiation to meet the needs of different types of learners.
  • The ‘Thinking Caps on’ section attempts to stimulate Higher Order Thinking Skills in learners.
  • The ‘Read & Rejoice’ section strives to make children independent learners and readers as they grow in language proficiency.
  • ‘Celebrate Life’ reinforces age-appropriate Life Skills and positive attitude adding to the humanized class environment that this series envisions.
  • Educational Manipulatives at the end of the book are intended to ensure more engaging opportunities for enabling hands-on learning.
  • Learning is easy when learning is fun. This principle has been applied across this book through fun-filled activities.

This book is accompanied by a Workbook, TRM, Practice Material & Literature Reader to facilitate teaching.

A totally child-centred approach, as in the series, helps learners to learn how to learn.

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